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About US
« on: June 27, 2013, 05:44:39 PM »
Hindivi: the coming together of poets. It is a website made by the poets, for the poets and will always remain of the poets, with the very motto of bringing poetry to the common man in their tongue and giving a platform to different poets to improve their very concept of poetry. We are taking forward the age old Indian tradition of learning from the older people while living with them, that is what we do over here, new and old poets share the same roof of HINDVI and learn the ADAB or Etiquette of writing. We share, we learn, we discuss, we read and most importantly we all write. This is what has brought all of us here. The passion to express in way that the whole world listens to it and gets impressed, a passion to drop our tears from the eyes of our readers, a passion to change the wrong, a passion to show the mirror to this world, here we help each other prosper and achieve their passions & dreams. The dream may take time to achieve but we have the belief that with our combined effort, one day we will...
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